Meeting of those representing Hephatha Lutheran Facing AddictionsTask Force is Sunday October 1, 2023 following Worship - SS classroom.
Summary of Narcan - by Debbie Mcgregor  11/26/2022
Narcan is available as a nasal spray to reverse the effects of an overdose.  If you suspect an overdose with an unconscious person, call 911, peel the package back, tilt the person's  head back and provide support under the neck, put the tip of the spray bottle in the nose until your fingers touch the base of the nose. Spray and turn the person on their side. Perform CPR.  If the person does not regain consciousness you may use another spray bottle.  Narcan WILL NOT HARM someone if they did not overdose but became unconscious for another medical reason. 
Narcan is for opioid overdose only (not for stimulants like meth or cocaine).
Side effects: headache, muscle aches, nasal congestion, higher blood pressure and faster heart beat. 
Narcan works in 2-3 minutes.  The person must go to the hospital as the reversal to the overdose wears off in an hour or so. 
Most pharmacies stock Narcan, no prescription is needed.  Cost can be $50 - $130.  Some pharmacies will provide it no charge if asked. UMOS, a non profit advocacy organization provides Narcan free of charge:414 389-6000, 2701 S Chase Avenue.
There is a Narcan station at Hepahtha's Lower Fellowship Hall on the back wall.  

We should schedule an in service with the fire department 

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