Dakaicia offered the prayer below from her sick bed at Children's Hospital on the 28 of January by phone to our worship service.  This was the day we had the mayor and Carnegie Hero Fund in worship for Kevin Little.  Kevin perished trying to get his cousin out of their burning home:

Dear God,
I pray that all the pain that Kevin and David went through and I am still going through, I know Jesus you hear my prayer. I am thankful that their pain and suffering were relieved in your name Jesus. We find comfort and care in you Jesus. I pray that we find courage and love through our grief and struggles. And I pray God that you will fill all the prayers, love, joy and care through my Jesus name. Jesus knows our hearts, how we feel for each other. Jesus; Kevin and David are both watching over us and they wouldn’t want us to feel down or sad about them, they are with our Heavenly Father. Kevin and David would want you to smile and be happy.  We all will remember Kevin’s heroic actions and David’s long suffering and I am still going through it, but God send his Angels to hold us in their arms. Our Pastor and Hephatha say “Love is all around you.” This prayer is prayed in Jesus name.        
                                                                                           Dakaicia Thomas-White