On 24 November 2021 a new variant, now named Omnicrom, was reported to WHO.  WHO experts met on 26 November 2021 and released a statement confirming a new variant of COVid 19 has mutated. 
The new variant has 32 "spikes" identified as possible risk for transmissability.  In contrast DELTA had 2.

This is a variant of concern (VOC) because of the following:
1,  It contains a number of mutations
2.  Preliminary evidence is showing there is a higher risk of reinfection
3.  Testing has suggested that this variant "may have a growth advantage".  This may mean that it will spread more rapidly than Delta variant. 

There are some actions recommended to be taken by all countries.

And there are suggested measures for the public to take at this time.  These are proven public health and social measures.  They are:
1. Vaccination
2. Wear well fitting masks
3. Hand hygiene
4. Physical distancing
5. Avoid crowded space

Please heed these early warnings and suggestions.  Most importantly... If you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated.  If you are partial vaccinated, finish your vacinations.  Get your boosters.  Get children over the age of 5 vaccinated. 

This variant has now been detected in the United States. 
Despite all the FACTS about why to get a vaccination, most effective way to convince someone to get a vaccination, that the vaccine is safe, and help them understand the importance is to....

Tell someone your story.  Why did YOU get vaccinated?  What changed YOUR mind?  How has getting vaccinated affected YOUR approach to handling COVID19?

Reach out to someone you know and love and tell them your story.  Ask your friends and family to tell their stories.  Let's convince others we can spread the good news as quickly as this disease can spread.