Dear Hephatha,

Thank you.  In the name of Jesus, thank you for the generous, loving memorial for our dear mother.  I will remember the gift of this Sunday the rest of my days, and I will carry your goodness with me the rest of my days.  I am sending gratitude from my family as well as I thank you for EVERYTHING: from the red burning bush and beautiful engraved garden stone to the generous memorial offering for the school at which our mom taught for so many years.   We are moved and humbled by your generosity and we know our mother would have been profoundly grateful for this loving support. 

We shared a beautiful bond with our mom and that I had the blessing of sharing daily life with her.  Parting with her has been extremely painful and your kindness is a balm.  Thank you for loving and honoring my mom, for your countless prayers for her, for your care for her over the decades.  It is hard to find words that express the depth of my gratitude to you, so please read my heart and accept my love and care for you as we continue to serve God together in this time.  

This photograph was taken at a party for our mom’s 80th birthday.   She taught me so much about love, faith and God.    In the happiness of this picture, I remember how blessed I am to be the daughter of Kathy Kannass….and the pastor of Hephatha Lutheran Church.  God’s peace and my love, Pastor Mary Martha