Thank you for your prayers for my mother, my family and me in this time of grief for us. 
Our mother died this afternoon at 12:27 pm.  She died a truly peaceful death.  Given that she was suffering with several extremely cruel conditions and was in heart failure with shortness of breath, we are profoundly grateful that by God's grace and with the daily guidance of the home hospice team, we were able to administer medications to keep her at peace and rest in her final day(s).  Our mom died with my siblings and me at her side, holding her, with a sung Lord's Prayer being played on my brother's phone and our expressions of love and gratitude in her ears.  We are deeply grieved by the loss of our mother's earthly life among us--she remains an incredible gift in our lives.  Please faithfully pray for us as we live these days.
My mom's sharing of daily life with me and her life among us as a family has been and will remain the most powerful reflection of God's love that I have been blessed to know in my 55 years of life.   To know that we could be part of her final days and moments being filled with faith, hope and love is deeply meaningful to us as we mourn her loss.  We require your continued prayers.  
God's peace and my love,
Pastor Mary Martha