226,000 chiildren in the US tested
positive for COVID19. (week ending 9/18) 

In Wisconsin - in the first week of September 
9-13 yo             1098 cases
UNDER 3          396 cases

Since August 30,  490 Students and 112 Staff in MPS have tested positive

Interview with ICU Doctor (WTMJ4 News)

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Despite all the FACTS about why to get a vaccination, most effective way to convince someone to get a vaccination, that the vaccine is safe, and help them understand the importance is to....

Tell someone your story.  Why did YOU get vaccinated?  What changed YOUR mind?  How has getting vaccinated affected YOUR approach to handling COVID19?

Reach out to someone you know and love and tell them your story.  Ask your friends and family to tell their stories.  Let's convince others we can spread the good news as quickly as this disease can spread.  
Reason #6 to get vaccinated:  IT IS SAFE!
Safety studies were done on tens of thousands of patients.  Over 218,000,000 doses have been distributed in the U.S. with very few problems.

TODAY There NOW have been 368,649,031 vaccines administered.  It is still safe!!!

Reason #5 to get vaccinated:  PROTECT YOURSELF—Even though you may have heard some people do not get very sick from COVID-19, you have NO WAY of knowing how COVID-19 will affect YOU.  Some people die from it and others have had debilitating long-term effects. That’s not a risk you want to take!
TODAY – those who are not vaccinated are over 90% of the hospitalizations and deaths. 

Reason #4 to get vaccinated:  The shot helps prevent YOU from getting the virus, so you are LESS LIKELY TO SPREAD THE DISEASE TO OTHERS, especially the vulnerable population.  (Got parents or grandparents, anybody?)
TODAY  The DELTA variant of this virus IS more transmissible, and CHILDREN are now becoming 13% of those contracting COVID19, and in some locations more that 20% of the ICU hospitalizations.  "The way you protect children who, because of their age, cannot get vaccinated yet is to surround the children -- be it friends, family, school teachers, personnel in the school -- surround the children with vaccinated people.” Anthony Fauci (September 5, 2021)  In the week ending 9/18, there were 226,000 children who tested positive for COVID 19 - IN ONE WEEK!!

Reason #3 to get vaccinated:  MONEY.  While as Christians money is not the center of our lives, in this world money is relevant.  The vaccine is free!  Getting vaccinated stops you from getting COVID-19 and getting sick.  That avoids you having to be out of work and losing money.
TODAY – the vaccine continues to be FREE, and the boosters will also be FREE. And through the middle of September you can get $100 from the statte for getting vaccinated.  This INCLUDES the Vaccine Clinic at Hephatha on Thursday Sept 9.

Reason #2 to get vaccinated:  It is the quickest way we can get back to normal.  That includes getting back into that wonderful old bulding at the corner of 18th and Locust.  
TODAY – because of the DELTA variant and the low percentage of fully vaccinated – there is not a date in site to be back in the Hephatha Sanctuary.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to have another Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and perhaps even Easter 2022 and still not be in the Sanctuary to worship. 

Reason #1 to get vaccinated:  In the words of Ms. Esther:

"I've been getting some kind of vaccine ever since my kindergarten days.  Today's COVID-19 is just one more.  

I'm doing it for myself
I'm doing it for my family
I'm doing it for you!"

Nuff said!

TODAY – it wasn’t “Nuff Said!” in May.   Perhaps it will be now?