Reason #6 to get vaccinated:  IT IS SAFE!
Safety studies were done on tens of thousands of patients.  Over 218,000,000 doses have been distributed in the U.S. with very few problems.

Reason #5 to get vaccinated:  PROTECT YOURSELF—Even though you may have heard some people do not get very sick from COVID-19, you have NO WAY of knowing how COVID-19 will affect YOU.  Some people die from it and others have had debilitating long-term effects. That’s not a risk you want to take!

Reason #4 to get vaccinated:  The shot helps prevent YOU from getting the virus, so you are LESS LIKELY TO SPREAD THE DISEASE TO OTHERS, especially the vulnerable population.  (Got parents or grandparents, anybody?)

Reason #3 to get vaccinated:  MONEY.  While as Christians money is not the center of our lives, in this world money is relevant.  The vaccine is free!  Getting vaccinated stops you from getting COVID-19 and getting sick.  That avoids you having to be out of work and losing money.

Reason #2 to get vaccinated:  It is the quickest way we can get back to normal.  That includes getting back into that wonderful old bulding at the corner of 18th and Locust.  

Reason #1 to get vaccinated:  In the words of Ms. Esther:

"I've been getting some kind of vaccine ever since my kindergarten days.  Today's COVID-19 is just one more.  

I'm doing it for myself
I'm doing it for my family
I'm doing it for you!"

Nuff said!