COVID-19 Advise for Parents
If your child has COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath), confirmed exposure or both. 
Your child’s doctor knows them and their medical history best and they will determine if additional steps, including a COVID-19 test, are needed.
For most kids, the symptoms of COVID-19 are mild and your child’s doctor will likely recommend they stay home, limit their contact with others (especially at-risk populations such as the sick or elderly) and treat the symptoms with over-the-counter medication. 
I have been frequently asked, how do I know if my infant/child is experiencing shortness of breathe
If your child cannot seem to get enough breath in his lungs (shortness of breath) or is having a hard time breathing, he probably has a medical condition that needs treatment. 
  •  If your child is old enough to talk, he can tell you that he is having difficulty breathing. 
  •  If your child is younger, you may notice that he is breathing harder or faster than usual, isn't feeding well, or is cranky. 
  • Seek emergency medical care immediately if your child is in severe distress -- no matter what age. 
  • Please do not go to a Children's Wisconsin location without calling first.
Children’s Wisconsin
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Please note: Children’s Wisconsin is not a public testing location for COVID-19.

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