Topic: Hephatha/ Meta House Women's Zoom  Sobriety Meetings

MONDAYS at 6:30pm

     Computer, iPhone, smartphone (with video), click here:

     Phone, (sound only):
312) 626-6799
      Meeting ID: 819 9191 0066


Marathon 24/7  NA meetings for anyone needing a meeting at any time on Zoom.  Please click here.  

A pretty good list of online AA meetings available on Zoom: or



Some timely tips on staying sober during the Covid-19 Shutdown:

1. Read a few pages from the Big Book/NA Book everyday and write about what 

you read.

2. Listen to AA/NA etc... speakers on YouTube

3. Call people and ask them to tell you their story, then tell yours.

4. Pray/Meditate, read your daily meditations.

5. Exercise, then exercise some more. 

6. Eat right, get lots of rest.