In these uncertain and challenging times, you may find yourself in need of getting or staying sober.  Meetings are key to getting and maintaining  sobriety. 

Meta House
Please join us each Monday at 6:30pm for a live meeting that is conducted through use of a computer program called "Zoom." 


For people who will be accessing this meeting by smart phone or computer:

Step 1: Download Zoom App

Step 2: Register into Zoom App

Step 3: Click on Join Meeting

Step 4: Type in ID# 3263193532

If you have trouble getting on this Zoom Meeting call Lilia @ 262-259-9305

Other Resources
Here are links to two websites with many more online meetings for men and women both .


And lastly, here are some timely tips to staying sober during the COVID- 19 shutdown


  • Read a few pages from the Big Book/NA Book every day, and write about what you read

  • Listen to AA/NA etc... speakers on YouTube

  • Call people and ask them to tell you their story, then tell yours

  • Pray/Meditate, read your daily meditations

  • Exercise, then exercise some more

  • Eat right, get lots of rest