The top five feet of Hephatha’s bell tower has been severely damaged by more than 105 years of constant exposure to Wisconsin weather.  The tower now leaks, and this has resulted in water intruding to our sanctuary.  Our goal is to have the top portion of the tower completely rebuilt in the spring/summer timeframe, with a cost of roughly $100,000.
You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “many hands make light work.”  Hephatha’s ministry is truly an example of that.  We are grateful that our ministry has been supported by many generous and faithful individuals and partners, and we pray for a similar response as we confront this challenge. 
The cost of putting up scaffolding for the project is a major element, $25,000.  We express our thanks to those who have already come forward to cover that cost!  We are asking for help on the balance of the project.
How might you help?  You can participate by utilizing your credit card on the tab titled, “Donate to Tower.”  On that page you can contribute to the rebuilding of our bell tower by purchasing a brick.  Bricks cost $30 each.*  We need something on the order of 2,500 bricks to be contributed to complete the rebuilding of the tower. 
We also have several larger giving opportunities.  For these we would ask you write a check to the church:
               Labor of a mason--$2,000 (4 needed)
Thank you for your consideration
God’s peace be with you,

Hephatha Church Council
*  Yes, we know that you can purchase an actual brick for a lot less than $30 😊.  We are simply using these as symbolic and hopefully affordable giving units.