We had hoped to rebuild Hephatha's crumbling bell tower this summer, but have been forced to postpone as we are struggling on financing.
We are extremely thankful to those of you who have supported us to date. However, during this unusually difficult time we find ourselves reaching for the final $70,000 that has remained out of reach thus far.
Please consider going to our website, and visit the tab, "Donate to Tower," where you can use your credit card to make a donation. You can buy one or more bricks at $30.* If you know someone who may have a heart to support us, please raise it with them. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS US.
You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “many hands make light work.” Hephatha’s ministry is truly an example of that. We are grateful that God's work on 17th and Locust has been supported by many generous and faithful individuals and partners over many years. We are a partnership ministry in every sense of the phrase and are deeply thankful to God for you and for your partnership with us in the Gospel.
Pastor Mary Martha Kannass
Hephatha Lutheran Church Counsel
* We know a real brick is less than $30. It is just a convenient giving unit :).