On Wednesday May 20, 2020 we will spend our Bible study time together looking at God’s Promise of Redemption
Prepare by reading the passages below and write down your answers to the questions.

1. List the things that have passed away and what is new.
Passed Away                    New
2. What does the above list evoke in you?
3. Imagine what it will be like to be with God (v. 3), with all the new things and without all the things that have passed away. 
Write or draw what you imagine.
4. Spend time in prayer meditating on what you wrote or drew. In prayer, ask God to show you how he wants this picture to shape you in a present circumstance. 
Write down what he says.
1. What are the things “above” (v. 12–17)?
2. Of the things that are “above,” 
Which one(s) come easily to you? 
Which one(s) do you find more challenging?
3. How does knowing you have been “raised with Christ” (v. 1) and your life is “hidden with Christ in God” (v. 3) give you confidence in God to help you live out the more challenging things you listed above (v. 9–15)?
4. Spend time in prayer thanking God for what he has done in you, what he is doing in you, as well as what he will do in the future.
1 CORINTHIANS 15:51–58
1. Describe what will happen to us. Describe what will happen to death (v. 51–56).
2. Why will this happen (v. 57)?
3. How can these things (your answer to question #1) influence how you will live in the days and weeks to come?
4. Is there someone who can use your encouragement through these Scriptures? If so, set yourself a reminder and commit to encouraging him/her this week.

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