Bible Study Wednesday October 28th
Scripture readings:
     Exodus 2:1-10
     Luke 7:11-17
We will study and share the story of Pharaoh’s daughter and her Legacy of Compassion.  Time permitting we will also look at the compassion Jesus revealed during His ministry on earth. 
All are Welcome!!

To join us on Zoom with computer, iPhone or iPad
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To join by phone:
      Dial:  (301) 715-8592
      Code: 895 305 15618

Leaving a legacy for tomorrow means living a life of character, faithfulness and purpose today.
In our Fall Bible study, we will examine the characters and actions of several women in scripture, who through major decisions, monumental courage and modest offerings will inspire us to
 *Embrace the truth that our lives can make an eternal difference
  *Recognizing the point of leaving behind a spiritual legacy
  *Seeing how essential ordinary faithful living is in God’s kingdom
   *Live a life worthy of being followed