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Sunday, June 23

Come, Holy Spirit….this is the refrain of our prayer time these Sundays of summer.  Come, Holy Spirit…..Come, Lord, Come.    Let us come together to worship God this day.   With glad and thankful hearts, we welcome one another and guests into the house of the Lord.   Today we read Mark 4:35-41,  we receive holy communion and we live in God’s grace.   Please come to worship at 9:00 a.m. and stay for lunch.  Please invite a guest.  If you cannot come in person, please sign on by ZOOM through hephatha100.com  

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Apprentice Devotion / Prayer 

Dear Lord, grant us peace. Forgive us for all of the violence in the world. May your word guide us towards peaceful days. May everyone know that you are the hope for our peace. In Christ Jesus name Amen.

Sunday Worship and Holy Communion
in the Sanctuary 9:00 am
Also on ZOOM 

     By iPhone, iPad, computer or other device with a screen,

COLE Listening Session

5pm at Hephatha


Women's Recovery

6:30 pm


Each week Mrs. Esther Brown, Hephatha's Counselor, provides tips on one page about how we can be better, kinder, and healthier.

Here are the last two tips she has provided.  Consider checking out the new sheet every week.  The sheet is posted on Monday.  

06 16 2024 Adults Need Self Care
06 16 2024 Adults Need Self Care
06 23 2024 Cultural Barriers to Mental Health
06 23 2024 Cultural Barriers to Mental Health