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Wednesday, May 29

We meet Nicodemus in John 3, which we read on Sunday.  Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night…in John’s Gospel, the things that happen at night are things that show people are not “living in the day.”  Judas goes out at night to betray Jesus, for instance.   Scripture has a number of ways of encouraging us “to live in the day.”  Today is a good day to do so.  

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Each week Mrs. Esther Brown, Hephatha's Counselor, provides tips on one page about how we can be better, kinder, and healthier.

Here are the last two tips she has provided.  Consider checking out the new sheet every week.  The sheet is posted on Monday.  

05 19 2024 Alternatives to Devices
05 19 2024 Alternatives to Devices
05 26 2024 Alternatives to Devices
05 26 2024 Alternatives to Devices
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