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Saturday, April 20

Do we live as if Jesus is real in our lives???  Do our lives show that Jesus is real???  Do we live in honest repentance???  Do we forgive others as we have been forgiven???  Do we pray???  Do we worship and receive holy communion???  Do we give to the poor and support our church with offerings???  Do we feed the hungry???  Do we stand with those who are oppressed and stand up to the powers that oppress???  Are we honest and diligent in our daily work???   Do we welcome others to church and invite them with sincerity???   Do we show Jesus is real by our very lives of faith and service???  Or, do we live as if we have never even heard of Jesus???   These are some of the questions we ask ourselves as we read Luke 24.   

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Each week Mrs. Esther Brown, Hephatha's Counselor, provides tips on one page about how we can be better, kinder, and healthier.

Here are the last two tips she has provided.  Consider checking out the new sheet every week.  The sheet is posted on Monday.  

04 07 2024
04 07 2024
04 14 2024
04 14 2024