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Thursday, July 18 

King Herod had John the Baptist executed for telling him the truth about his life.   The truth about our lives is something we best accept: only by hearing and accepting the truth can we grow in repentance before God and in living in a new direction.   The direction of Jesus is clear: Jesus lives justice, peace, compassion, mercy, faithfulness.   The direction of our lives is to follow Jesus.  May it be so, and may we be open to the truth about our lives.  

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Each week Mrs. Esther Brown, Hephatha's Counselor, provides tips on one page about how we can be better, kinder, and healthier.

Here are the last two tips she has provided.  Consider checking out the new sheet every week.  The sheet is posted on Monday.  

07 07 2024
07 07 2024
07 14 2024
07 14 2024